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MLP:FiM characters as Mega Man characters list

Journal version:…

As the title says, this is fan list of what MLP:FiM characters (and occasionally previous MLP gen characters) would play as in a re-inaction of the classic Mega Man series. This is one of the random ideas that go on in my head that I like to discuss with others on my profile if you are ever interested. The least I could do if ever bringing it to life would be fanart of the MLP characters as the Mega Man characters and possibly use this list as a reference if there are any people interested in hacking the Mega Man games using these characters as recommendations.
The list and some of these ideas on here were inspired by PlantPony of DeviantART so I will be crediting him for the ideas that I thought would work.

There are some special rules to keep in mind in case any one like would to join to contribute to the list:
1. Though the crossover is MLP:FiM/ Mega Man themed, I will accept any MLP characters from Gens 1 to 3.5 and any fan OCs. ( I will also ask the owners of these characters if I can use them for this crossover.)
2.The choices for characters aren't limited to just the ponies but the many other animal character and creatures that have appeared in FiM and previous MLP cartoons.
3. It's also acceptable to use the same MLP character more than once to use for another character to play as. (For instance, PlantPony claims that Rarity fits all of the narcissistic Robot Masters very well)
4. Though I don't support most of the MLP:FiM memes, I would be fine connecting an MLP character to a Mega Man character based on a meme put around that character. For example: Fluttershy as Wood Man, that pretty much speaks for itself.

If this list ever catches on and continues to fill up, I might include a category for the exclusive characters of the other media forms of classic Mega Man such as the Ruby-Spears cartoon, the OVAs and the recent Archie comic adaption.

So without ado, I hope you all have fun with this list:

Main and Supporting Characters 15 out of 22

Mega Man/Rockman: Twilight Sparkle
Proto Man/Blues: Shining Armor or Princess Luna
Bass/Forte: Trixie Lulamoon
Dr. Thomas Light: Princess Celestia
Roll: Applebloom
Rush:Winona (Applejack's dog)
Eddie: Spike
Tango: Opalescence (Rarity's cat)
Auto: Dount Joe
Dr. Albert W. Wily: Discord
Reggie: Scootaloo (Idea from :iconottolinefan29: of DeviantART )
Treble: Manticore
Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack:
Kalinka Cossack:
Beat: Owlowiscious
Mr. X: Discord
Duo: Zecora
Mets: No change necessary? Because you guys know that these guys are like the "Goombas" of this series right?

Mega Man 1 & Mega Man: Powered Up 10 out of 10

Cut Man: Snips
Guts Man: Applejack (Guts Mare's plot!) :icongutsmansassplz: (Idea from :iconottolinefan29: )
Ice Man: Fluttershy (Idea from :iconottolinefan29:)
Bomb Man: Pinkie Pie (Idea from :iconottolinefan29: of DeviantART)
Fire Man: Pinkie Pie's father
Elec Man: Rarity
Time Man: Tim:E (A fan OC made by :iconrainbroach:)
Oil Man: Rainbow Dash
Yellow Devil: Same character but a ponified version of it
Copy Robot: Twilight Sparkle

Mega Man 2 11 out of 11

Metal Man: Colgate
Air Man: Roid Rage
Bubble Man: Derpy Hooves
Quick Man: Rainbow Dash (Idea from :iconplantpony:)
Crash Man: Rainbow Dash (Idea from :iconplantpony:)
Flash Man: Photo Finish*
Heat Man: Spitfire*
Wood Man: Fluttershy
Mecha Dragon: The red Dragon from "Dragonshy"
Guts Tank: Applejack (at least the body) (Idea from :iconottolinefan29:)
Alien Wily: Altered version of the Alien so it would resemble Discord.

Mega Man 3 7 out of 12

Needle Man:
Magnet Man:
Gemini Man: The Spa Sisters, Aloe and Lotus
Hard Man: Big Macintosh*
Top Man: Carrot Top
Snake Man:
Spark Man:
Shadow Man: Shadowbolt member*
Doc Robot K-176:
Yellow Devil MK-II: Same character but a ponified version of it.
Holograph Mega Mans: Three Twilight Sparkles
Gamma: Ursa Minor

Mega Man 4 2 out of 9

Bright Man: Neon Lights
Toad Man:
Drill Man:
Pharaoh Man:
Ring Man:
Dust Man: Smelly Joe
Dive Man:
Skull Man
Mothraya: No change necessary?

Mega Man 5 4 out of 12

Gravity Man:
Wave Man:
Stone Man:
Gyro Man:
Star Man:
Charge Man:
Napalm Man:
Crystal Man:
Dark Man (all four models): Shadowbolt members.*

Mega Man 6 1 out of 9

Blizzard Man:
Centaur Man:
Flame Man:
Knight Man:
Plant Man:
Tomahawk Man: Chief Thunderhooves (Idea from :iconplantpony:)
Wind Man:
Yamato Man:
Mechazaurus: No change necessary?

Mega Man 7 3 out of 12

Freeze Man:
Junk Man:
Burst Man:
Cloud Man:
Spring Man: Cheerilee
Slash Man:
Shade Man:
Turbo Man:
Mad Grinder:
Guts Man G: Applejack (Idea from :iconottolinefan29:)
Hannya Ned: Ponified version. (At least just the head.)

Mega Man 8 6 out of 8

Tengu Man: Rainbow Dash Idea from :iconplantpony:
Astro Man: Twilight Sparkle Idea from :iconplantpony:
Sword Man:
Clown Man: Pinkie Pie Idea from :iconplantpony:
Search Man: Snips & Snails Idea from :iconplantpony:
Frost Man:
Grenade Man: Applejack* Idea from :iconplantpony:
Aqua Man: Rarity Idea from :iconplantpony:

Mega Man 9 5 out of 9

Concrete Man:
Tornado Man: Firefly (From MLP G1 and was the inspiration for Rainbow Dash.)
Splash Woman: Seapony Lyra (Made by :iconjohnjoseco)
Plug Man:
Jewel Man:
Hornet Man: Honeycomb (A Fan OC made by :iconbstingdevi: )
Magma Man:
Galaxy Man: Surprise (From MLP G1 and is the prototype version of Pinkie Pie.)
Fake Man: A generic Canterlot Royal Guard

Mega Man 10 0 out of 8

Blade Man:
Pump Man:
Commando Man:
Chill Man:
Sheep Man:
Strike Man:
Nitro Man:
Solar Man:

Mega Man I to IV (GB) 4 out of 4

Enker, Punk and Ballade: Lancer, Teddy and Ace (From MLP Tales) (Idea from :iconottolinefan29: )
Quint: Twilight Sparkle

Mega Man V (GB) 1 out of 11

Dark Moon: Since it looks similar to the Yellow Devil, I'll keep it at a ponified version

Mega Man: The Wily Wars 0 out of 3

Buster Rod G:
Mega Water S:
Hyper Storm H:

Mega Man & Bass 1 out of 6

Dynamo Man:
Cold Man:
Ground Man:
Pirate Man:
Burner Man:
Magic Man: Twilight Sparkle (Idea from :iconplantpony:)

Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future 2 out of 8
Dangan Man:
Konro Man:
Aircon Man:
Komuso Man:
Clock Men:
Compass Man:
Grey Devil: Ponified version of the same character
Rockman Shadow: Twilight Sparkle

Super Adventure Rockman 1 out of 2
Ra Thor:
New Yellow Devil: Ponified version of the same character

Overall matches: 73 out of 156

Any characters that have asterisk near their names mean I still haven't settled on the idea if the character would fit or not.

What do you think of the official MLP:FiM comics? 

3 deviants said Comment below because I can't think of any of balanced choices.
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UPDATE 9-17-2014

I've been meaning to tell you all this since Monday due to my current schedule at the time but I have finally obtained my SSB4 demo codes!!! Now that I finally have my demo, I would be willing to share my three other codes with you all. Just let me know and I'll PM you a code! ;)


So....Club Nintendo has been giving out free codes that contains demos of Super Smash Bros for 3DS lately that require certain conditions to fill. I have met those conditions but I haven't received jack shit. I already emailed Nintendo about why I didn't get the codes and while I'm waiting for their reply, does anyone have any spare SSB4 demo codes to share with? I normally don't beg but I would appreciate it.


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